Why Shouldn’t I Use Salesforce?

3 minute read, 2 if you're quick

We know not all CRM's will suit every business, larger companies might benefit from using a huge CRM like Salesforce.

Our customers are small businesses and most likely do not require all the functions offered by Salesforce.

Until your business is big enough to need these functions - incidentally we offer a very easy data export to help you move to Salesforce when you're ready - we thought we would go through the most common barriers that small businesses find with Salesforce.


Salesforce is a titan of a CRM, it is huge with a vast amount of functionality. With this functionality they can offer complicated processes for medium to large enterprise companies that need these functions.
Most small businesses will only use a very small fraction of these and will endure the considerable product learning needed.

We created WI1 CRM for small businesses that don't have the time to spend weeks learning how to use the product.
We have made the CRM as simple to use as possible. Afterall, if you enjoy using our product and understand how to get the best out of it, you keep using it and maybe tell a friend, which helps our business too.


Salesforce have had to invest a large amount of resources to create their product, which in turn costs a large amount of money.
So it is completely understandable that they will need to charge higher prices to recover their costs and pay back their shareholders.

How much Salesforce charges really depends on the package you pick. You don't get all the functions out of the box. Therefore it is very hard to compare the functions and prices with WI1 CRM.

We recognised that our customers are often new businesses that don't have huge amounts of money to spend on software like a CRM.
So that is why we created our pricing plans that grow as your business grows.

Starting as little as £20 (compared to Salesforce £40 if you select just two of the packages, Sales and Service, but you might need more packages) you can be up and running within a few minutes.


Salesforce employs 1000's of people spread over many countries split into many departments. So, for you to ask them to create a new function just for you will most likey land on def ears.

Jumping Giraffe Ltd - our company name - is a small tight team that everyone knows what everyone else is working on. It also means we can make changes and provide new functions if needed quickly without any fuss.

We all like an analogy don't we?

Imagine Salesforce as a huge truck that when it receives the command to make a U tern, it needs plenty of time to make the change. 🚛
However, WI1 CRM is like a little sports car zipping around changing direction at a moments notice. 🛻

It's the same when changes to a CRM are required, smaller teams tend to perform quicker.

Take WI1 CRM for test drive for yourself and increase productivity of your business and enjoy using an entuitive CRM.

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