Updating WI1 CRM from another email client

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Sometimes it's just easier to reply to an email outside of a CRM. It could be that you are out of the office and using your mobile device's email client. Or maybe you are a Gmail user and prefer to reply to some emails directly from there.
I hear you, why make your life harder and open the email within the CRM when you are already in Gmail or Hotmail?

That is why we included a neat function within WI1 CRM that helps you in these situations.
By adding a BCC (Blank Carbon Copy) or CC (Carbon Copy) to your email with the email address you have registered within WI1, a copy of that email will be sent to the CRM and automatically get filed away.

You don't need to do anything!

Let's create a little example when this function could be used:

Just before you leave the office for the weekend you sent an email to your colleague Lilly about the order from your customer, Bob. He needs an answer to his question ASAP and you want to reply on Monday morning.

Lilly replies to your email on Saturday morning because she just loves to work on weekends 😉. She lets you know the answer to Bob's question on the email.

You receive the email from Lilly whilst you are out walking your dog. Because you use this function regularly you have already set your work emails to automatically include a BCC to your WI1 email address on your mobile phone.

Great, now all you need to do is email Bob with the answer and he will have it in his Inbox first thing Monday. Hi-five!🤚

You send the email to Bob, a copy of the email is also sent to WI1 using the BCC.

WI1 automatically connects the email with your WI1 Contact, Lilly, as she is involved with this client.
The WI1 Client entry you have of Bob and the company Bob works for, "Muggy Mugs", also get a copy of the email.
Additionally, the email is also connected to the WI1 Deal you already have active relating to the ongoing order from Bob.
The WI1 Task you have allocated to you to provide the answer to his question also has a copy of this email.

Because there is a supplier involved with this order from Bob, your WI1 Supplier contact Eva from "Wholesale Cups n' Mugs" as well as the WI1 Supplier company entry will also be connected to the email.

With a quick email to Bob from your mobile phone whilst chasing after Kevin the dog has updated all areas of the CRM and informed your WI1 Team members.

Lets recap. This email got automatically connected to the following areas within the WI1 CRM with one click of the Send button:

  1. Your colleagues Contact entry for Lilly.
  2. Muggy Mugs Company entry.
  3. Your entry for Bob, of course.
  4. The Supplier's company entry, Wholesale Cups n' Mugs.
  5. Your Supplier contacts entry for Eva.
  6. The Deal entry you have been working on.
  7. The Task of providing this answer to Bob.
  8. All Team members will also be notified of the email - optional


Oh and the original email reply from Lilly with the answer to your question, well that is connected to all of these areas too!


What if I want to see the email in my WI1 inbox too?

Some people when using this funky function in the WI1 CRM would prefer the email to be kept in their WI1 inbox as well as perform all those tasks above.
That's no problem, just update the settings page and you will see all the BCC or CC emails in your WI1 inbox when you next sign in.

Whatever you decide, to either have the email stay in your inbox to be decided on later, or hidden away to the places where you need it, all the emails in the thread will follow your decision.


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