Beta Invite

The easiest CRM the world has ever seen is currently in Beta testing.

Beta? What?

Beta is just a techy name for the product status just before launching.
There, that's the last time you will see us use silly techy words, only plain English from now on (other languages are coming!).

Our new no fuss, easy to use CRM is very close to being let loose into the big wide world web to show those ancient 20-year-old plus designed CRM's how to do it!

Our aim is to make those big companies out there blush with embarrassment for sticking with their systems and not updating for so long.
It's not the 1990's any more guys!

So many CRM's have not offered the latest technics in "automation" and "making life easier" and have just stuck with what they know.
Well, we are here to offer something better and maybe save the world too!* (find out more)


We have built the WI1 CRM with all the useful functions we all need without the complexity of too many useless tools.
We basically looked at all the other CRM's and learned from their mistakes.


Now you know what we are making, do you fancy transforming your business and automate sooo much work with WI1 CRM?
By becoming a founding user of WI1 CRM you benefit from so many things, here are just a few:


Your very own bespoke CRM

As a founding customer of WI1 CRM, you get an ear!

Not just any ear but one or both of my ears, Stuart Cole the founder of WI1 CRM.
You need a thing to do something in the CRM, give me a shout and we will "pull out all the stops", "go the extra mile" and even "move heaven and earth" to make sure you get what you need.


You get to play with all the new toys first!

As new updates are rolled out you will be offered to try them out before anyone else.
You are our firstborn and we'll look after you x.


Save and save
The sooner you start using WI1 CRM the quicker you will save time in your day and money in your bank.


Knowledge is power for showing off!
WI1 CRM provides you with so much useful information at your fingertips, you'll be able to show off to your customers how well you know them and what they require.


Discount for life
That's right as a founder member of the WI1 gang you enjoy discounted pricing, for life!
All we ask is that you keep your account active and eat cake every Friday afternoon.


Due to some very nice press coverage recently word has got out that WI1 CRM is about to launch very soon.
Because of this, our button below has had some serious clicking and our founder list is filling up quickly.
We feel the only fair way to let people try WI1 CRM for themselves is using the first click, first try system.

So, don't hang about and get access to WI1 CRM and become part of the founding gang!

Tick box to show you are human! 😀
This is another one of those fancy pants intelligent forms only from WI1


* 10% of all our profits go to helping the world and the environment. From helping the homeless to planting trees to helping animal charities.
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