Updating WI1 CRM from your email client

3 minute read, 2 if you're quick

You can update many areas within WI1 CRM directly from an email within your own email client like Gmail or Hotmail.

By setting up your email client to send a BCC (Blank Carbon Copy) or CC (Carbon Copy) of your emails to WI1 you can update important Tasks or Deals.

What areas within WI1 CRM you can update?

WI1 CRM is a 360 degree system that from a single change will update all areas within the CRM connected with that change.
Using the BCC/CC option then sending from your own email client will update the following areas that are connected to the email sent:

  1. Customer Company
  2. Customer Company Contact(s)
  3. Supplier Company
  4. Supplier Company Contact(s)
  5. Deal
  6. Task
  7. Inform Team members - optional


How to add a BCC or CC email address

Most email client settings to add BCC are very similar, here are a couple of the most popular email clients Gmail, Hotmail, iPhone and an Android client.

Adding BCC or CC to Gmail

Adding BCC or CC to Hotmail

Adding BCC or CC to iPhone

Adding BCC or CC to Android



For the WI1 CRM to connect the email thread with its database, at least one email must be sent from the WI1 CRM.
We recommend always starting the email conversation from within WI1 where possible and continue with the conversation uaing your email client afterwards if you prefer.

WI1 CRM will only be able to automatically connect your BCC/CC emails to our database once an email has been sent from within WI1. All previous emails within the email thread will not be added.
The email thread sent from your email client will be added to WI1 CRM once the connection has been made.

Questions Answered:

Q: What if the email I use in WI1 is the same as my mail client on my mobile phone?

A: Good question as this is the exact configuration many people will have set up.
Most businesses provide just the one email address per employee. Therefore, you would use this address on your mobile phone and within WI1.
Because both mail clients - yes WI1 is also a email client! - are configured they will both get a copy of the email.


Q: Can I keep a copy of the email in my WI1 inbox?

A: Many people prefer to have a copy of the email in their inbox for when they return to the office.
Just let WI1 know in the Setting section your preference,  whether for the email to stay in the inbox or not but only have them connected to the CRM entries.


Q: Can I use WI1 CRM from my mobile device?

A: Yes of course, WI1 CRM is completely mobile friendly.

In fact WI1 CRM was built from the start to be used on mobile devices as well as desktop.